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Pan Tilt Pro Camera Software  - Order Today!
Pan Tilt Pro Camera Software

Now you can have a real-time window into your home from ANY PC with an Internet connection! Plus, you can control the camera's position (pan and tilt) with a click of the mouse using the Virtual Ninja ScanPad! Isolate the action from any location!

Controls Ninja Robotic Camera Mount
Compatible with X10 Home Automation Products
Requires PC Video/USB Adapter

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Product Uses

  • Check on your entire home while at work, at a friend's house, or from any PC with internet access.
  • Keep an eye on your kids!
  • Security for your driveway and entryways!
  • Use as a WebCam!

Product Features

  • Monitor your home from any PC with internet access!
  • Zoom Snapshots
  • Time Stamp Option
  • Easy to view comprehensive history!
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Free Shipping and 30 Day Money Back Guarantee What's This?

 Product Description

Complete Surveillance Access - Over the Internet!
When you add X10's Pan Tilt PRO™ Software, you can monitor and control your camera (attached to the Ninja base) from any PC with an Internet connection through its "real-time" video streaming ability! Plus with the software's virtual Ninja ScanPad Remote, you can remotely move the position of the camera to monitor whatever you want IN REAL TIME!

View a live "ACTIVE" window in your home!
From any PC with an Internet Connection, you can:

  • SCAN between 4 cameras and see each camera view in LIVE Video Streaming mode! Quickly check on your entire home!
  • PAN & TILT each camera connected to a Ninja Robotic mount a full 180 degrees left to right and tilt 32 degrees up or 38 degrees down! Amazingly smooth and fluid movement!


Benefits & Uses

  • LIVE Monitoring from ANY location: Check on your entire home while at work, at a friend's house, or from any PC with internet access. Simply visit the PanTilt Website and enter your code and password!
  • Virtual Zoom: Select to view your Video Window at 100%, 200%, 300%, or 400% scale!
  • Ultra Sweep & Scan™ feature: You can store up to 4 positions for each camera with a Ninja Robotic mount. Simply use the "Sweep" button on the PanTilt Pro screen and automatically sweep through your stored positions.
  • Easily scan between 4 cameras and control the position of any camera attached to an X10 Ninja Robotic mount.
  • Works with X10's Wireless Cameras! It's easy to monitor your entire home - wirelessly! Unlike other web cams, you can use X10's wireless cameras and the X10's PanTilt PRO™ Software to monitor any room within 100 feet of your computer. Typical web cams require a cable connection to your PC, only allowing you monitor one room!



  • PanTilt PRO requires a PC with an Internet connection. Ideal for connections of 56K+
  • Windows 98SE (or first edition with upgrades), Windows ME or Windows 2000
  • 200MHz Pentium or faster
  • 64MB RAM or more
  • 2 Working USB ports
  • PC Video/USB Adaptor Kit (model VA10A or VA11A)
  • X10 Wireless Camera(s) - Version 1.0 supports up to 4 cameras at once.
  • PC Transceiver (model CM19A) - Included in PanTilt PRO Software Kit
  • MS Net Meeting - FREE Download from Microsoft.

*MS Internet Explorer 5+ is the recommended browser for using PanTilt PRO over the Internet!

NOTE: When you purchase PanTilt PRO, the hardware will be shipped to you and you will receive an email (within 24-48 hours) with a secure link to download the software.

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Free Shipping and 30 Day Money Back Guarantee What's This?

 Customer Reviews

"I love being able to control my Ninja Camera Mount from my PC. With just this one camera, I can easily pan across my living room to see what's going on from my home office. I know exactly what the kids are doing or what they're watching on TV no matter where they are in the room." - Linda Love

"This software is awesome! I love using my camera as a webcam. I can control my camera's movements and see it all online. Better yet. So can my boyfriend!" - Carrie Struthers

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